We Can Repair Most Devices

Get electric garage door services

Over time, the parts involved in the operation of your garage door can get worn down or break. That's especially true when you rely on an electrical system to open and close the door. TD's Garage Door offers electric garage door service to take care of any problems with your system.

We offer service on most types of doors and mechanisms. Contact us whenever you need:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Installations
  • Replacements

Your garage door will be working correctly again by the time we're done. Call 720-272-0365 today to schedule electric garage door services.

Reprogram your remote or keypad

Reprogram your remote or keypad

You should change the code on your garage door keypad from time to time to keep your home secure. If your keypad or remote is causing problems, let us know. We can program or reprogram any type of keypad or remote opening device.

Learn more about our electric garage door services by contacting TD's Garage Door today.