Make Sure Your Door is Safe to Use

Schedule garage door spring replacement services in the Parker, Aurora & Castle Rock, CO area

The springs on your garage door make it easier to open and close. When there's a problem with one or both of the springs, it can throw off the balance and make your door more difficult to operate. TD's Garage Door offers garage spring replacement and repair services for residential garage doors.

When your garage door is closed, your springs are under tension. Over time, springs can get stretched out and fail to work properly. We will:

  • Pick the right replacement spring for your door
  • Take care of the installation process
  • Complete a reverse safety test
All of our springs include a five-year guarantee. Contact TD's Garage Door today to schedule garage door services in Parker, Aurora, Denver, CO or surrounding areas.

We'll complete the necessary safety checks after installation

Garage spring replacement services are our specialty. We'll take the time to make sure springs are properly installed before performing the necessary safety tests.

Call 720-272-0365 today to learn more about our garage door services offered in Parker, CO and Denver metro area.